Технические ресурсы
Технические ресурсы
Продажа спецтехники и запчастей

(423) 262-10-01, 262-10-02

г. Владивосток, ул. Алеутская, 15Б, 2 этаж, офис 206.

(4236) 68-30-33, 60-52-77

г. Находка, ул. Владивостокская, 52, 2 этаж, офис 210А

Портовая техника Samuk

Вилочные автопогрузчики повышенной проходимости от 2.5 до 3.5 тонн SAMUK


Range covered

4WD: 2.5-3.5Ton
2WD: 2.5-5.0 Ton


The Samuk rough forklift adopts the latest ergonomics technologies and concepts in designing and manufacturing. The forklift with low cost of ownership, superior visibility, unmatched productivity, safety and ergonomics designing for operator.

Driving & transmission system

High performance imported engine like YANMAR and PERKINS with EUIIIB/EUIV/EPA standards, which is high efficiency, lower energy consumption and low emission levels.

TCM technology transmission with floating system highly reduces the forklift vibration and noise, the 100% differential lock system ensure the stable trafficability performance in mud condition.

Electrical system

LCD display provides extensive information on truck operation and maintenance state, it with waterproof and shock proof protection. The advanced wiring harness, waterproof connectors and multiunit fuse module ensure the security and reliability of the circuit.

LED lights reduces the energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Hydraulic system

Japanese Shimadzu multi valves and gear pump, and the Japanese NOK sealing elements. The high quality hydraulic components and rational distribution of the pipes helps to control the oil pressure and highly improved the forklift performance.

Exhaust & cooling system

Samuk adopts the large capacity cooper radiator, optimized heat dissipation channel. The combination of engine coolant and transmission fluid radiator is designed for maximum air flow passing through the counterweight.

The exhaust comes from the end face of muffler, using external type sparkle arrester, the exhaust resistance is greatly reduced, the function of smoke and fire extinguisher is more reliable. Particle soot filter and catalytic converter devices is optional.

Steering and brake system

Oscillating steer axle allows either wheel to step over obstacles keeping the machine and load level. Flotation drive & steer tires provide excellent traction and stability. The steering angle is from 43.6°to 70°with very small turning radius.

TCM technology brake system which is sensitive and light full hydraulic with a better performance braking.